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The world was created of resources for a purpose.  We were given the authority, strength and skills to use these resources to earn our living. Work is a gift to us, a means of supplying what we need.  Let us do the work for you with a “Spirit of Excellence”

Staffing companies are nothing new.  As a matter of fact, according to Frontline Source Group, the majority of companies enjoy the benefits of utilizing the expertise, time, energy and finances of a temporary agency.
Regardless of whether a company is seeking direct hire, trial hire or temporary talent acquisition services, there are numerous advantages to partnering with a reputable staffing agency.  Here are the Top Three:

  • TIME SAVED.   According to NACE, on average, most positions require a month of time-from posting the position to offer.  The time used to analyze the position, post the position, accumulate applications/resume, reviewing documents, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, background checks, can require a large amount of time.  Specialized staffing agencies have a pool of qualified, screened candidates ready and on-hand.
  • MONEY SAVED.  Replacing staff is costly.  Not only does a staffing agency carry the cost of workers’ compensation and insurance needs for the employee, but also bringing in staff reduces overhead such as overtime, which also ensures your company does not lose production time/sales due to the time needed to hire staff.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY.  Overworked employees become overwhelmed, unmotivated and less alert, which can cause illness, injury and downtime.  The Tiger Group brings experienced, yet fresh employees to the table which can protect your most valuable assets, your people.


There are many staffing agencies out there.  Most are reputable and effective.  However, in our opinion, “reputable and effective” are just not good enough.  The Tiger Group strives and commits to serving all its clients and employees with a Spirit of Excellence, in every aspect.  We work to ensure our “reputation and effectiveness” reflects this Spirit of Excellence.

The Tiger Group world like to partner with you.  We specialize in YOUR VISION.  We would like to get behind YOUR vision, your dreams and your goals for the future.  We do that by surrounding your vision with a solid team of experienced professionals who are screened, tested and eager to take YOUR VISION and run with it!

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