Application Information & Tips

You will need to come into our office to fill out an application for any of the openings you are interested in ! We are located at 6817 Hwy Blvd in Katy, TX 77494.

Check out these steps below ! We look forward to working with you !

  • Call our office and speak with a Staffing Consultant to make sure the position you’re interested in, is a good fit for you (Distance, Pay- which is listed in the position description, hours, shift and requirements)
  • Update Your Social Media Profiles- Potential Employers do look !
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position- it makes you even stronger on paper
  • Coming to fill out an application? Let us know you’re serious about finding a job- dress appropriately, we will feel more confident that you should represent us to one of our clients.
  • BE HONEST- yes we will look at your background and yes we will find it. Some clients are very lenient , others not so much. Being honest assists us in matching you with a Client that will welcome you, regardless!
  • You can & SHOULD say no! If you are offered an opening and it isn’t for you, say no! This will keep your relationship with us on good terms. We much rather you decline upfront than after everyone has already invested the time and confirmed a start or worse, a no call no show!
  • Follow-up in a patient & courteous manner, this shows us you’re serious and determined !
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